Courses developed for MTM Association for Standards and Research

Course Image Methods-Time Measurement [MTM] -1 Base

Methods-Time Measurement [MTM] -1 Base

In the MTM-1 Base course, you will be introduced to a new way of thinking and a more detailed look at how you can optimize manual activities. MTM takes a micro-level approach at reducing work time an…
Course Image Methods-Time Measurement UAS [MTM-UAS] Certification

Methods-Time Measurement UAS [MTM-UAS] Certification

This course discusses principles of MTM-UAS construction, time elements and simultaneous motions of MTM-UAS, and methods improvements in MTM-UAS. Adapted from a five-day course, this online course pr…
Course Image Methods-Time Measurement 1 [MTM-1] Certification

Methods-Time Measurement 1 [MTM-1] Certification

Engineering-LAS Online Learning has partnered with MTM Association to adapt the ten-day course into an online course to provide students with the tools necessary to take the MTM-1 Certification exam …